Go Raw in 2013

The most common New Year’s resolutions are based on healthy living, diet, and getting fit. I have a great plan to help you achieve your goals. Become Vegan or try a new diet of raw foods as a simple solution if you are ready to try something new. You can change all of your meals or simply add a few dishes for a great way to increase your intake of nuts and vegetables. Plus, we have snacks and deserts that you and your family will love.

Our site gives you unique recipes to help you construct delicious raw food and vegan dishes. You don’t have to give up foods you enjoy on your new diet. Check out our recipes and enjoy guilt free Coco pudding, Quick and Easy Nut Cheese, Babaganoush, and Linguini.  We also give you a selection of premade vegan and raw food pies and cakes to choose from. You can eat cheesecake and pecan pie with no guilt.

Your 3 o’clock hunger pains can be staved off with our delicious snacks. Almond Fudge, Beyond Brittle, Nori Nosh, Sun Gems Lemon Crunch, and Living Granola are some of the treats you won’t mind sharing with your kids.  They’re healthy, tasty, and gluten-free!

You may want to increase your knowledge base of preparing vegan and raw foods and take cooking lessons with us or arrange a private consultation. We will help you get started and answer your questions on raw and vegan foods.

Once you have started you may want to send a friend or family member one of our gift baskets. You will be giving more than a sweet gift.  You’ll be introducing them to a healthier lifestyle.

Make certain you check back with us to read our future blogs on Vegan and Raw Foods.  You’ll find the support that you need to maintain your new, healthy lifestyle.

Five Reasons Why Being Vegan is Good for Your Health

A vegan diet has its advantages.  In addition to being cruelty-free, it also is environmentally sound.  It takes 441 gallons of water to raise one pound of beef. One pound of wheat uses only 14 gallons of water.  That’s a saving of 427 gallons of water per pound.  Which do you think is more responsible?  With food shortages plaguing the world, it makes sense to eat little to no meat.

Besides moral and ethical reasoning, being vegan has proven medical benefits.  Here are five reasons why a plant-based diet is good for your health:

  1. It reverses disease and reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.  Inflammation, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis are just a few of the things you won’t have to worry about when you go vegan.  The China Study which conducts the largest and most comprehensive study on nutrition has found a plant-based diet increases a person’s life span.
  2. It protects you against Cancer.  Damaged cells cause Cancer.  Do your part to protect them by eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  3. It prevents constipation.  A fiber-rich, plant-based diet eliminates the need for laxatives and pharmaceuticals.
  4. It helps you maintain healthy, glowing skin.  Plant-rich meals are hydrating which nourishes the skin making it look its best.
  5. It’s recognized by USFDA as one of the healthiest diets available.  Vegans have less instances of disease and health problems like high cholesterol.

A raw plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring.  In fact, you can enjoy an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and herbs.  You can even enjoy an array of pies, artisan crackers, and cookies.  You don’t have to sacrifice your health for flavor.  A simple shift in the choices you make is enough to make a difference.