about baking for health

Didi SchillerBaking For Health was borne out of my desire to create delicious and enticing snacks and treats which were healthy as well. Being a mother I wanted my children to eat healthfully yet didn’t want to deprive them of something really yummy! I had been a vegan baker for many years, so the real task was getting my children to enjoy cookies and cakes that had no sugar, wheat, dairy or processed ingredients. Soon friends and family were asking for these goodies as well, and encouraged me to expand and share my knowledge with a larger audience.

As I began to incorporate more and more raw foods into my diet, remarkable things started to happen. I began to enjoy boundless energy and required much less sleep than before. I also took great pleasure in the process of creating delicious recipes using high quality raw ingredients. I knew that if I wanted to help people change to a healthier way of eating, I would have to offer them something even more delicious than what they had been eating before.A Healthier Way Of Eating

I began teaching classes as a way of sharing my knowledge with those looking for more health, vibrancy and aliveness. I found that with a slow, consistent yet gentle approach I could help people develop long lasting changes toward greater health and happiness. Many of my clients have noticed that as their diets become more natural, they are naturally reconnected with their body’s innate wisdom.

My lifelong commitment to health, movement, and fitness has also led me to a career as a birth doula. You can find more information about my services and philosophy here at www.birthdoulanyc.com.