Ten More Fitness Apps You’ll Want to Look Into

So you want to be healthier in 2013?  That’s great and with smartphones its easier than ever to get in shape these days.  In this article, we list ten more of the best apps that keep you on track to becoming a better, healthier you.

Lose It – iPhone and AndroidCost: Free

Consolidate your workout journal and food diary into one (or start keeping them for the first time) with this handy tracker.  Add in your daily exercises including the intensity and hours spent and it calculates how many calories you ate, how many you burned, and how much more you can eat throughout the day.

iTreadmill – iPhone Cost: $1.99

Turn on this app, put it in your pocket, and go about your day as it accurately tracks your steps, distance, and average speed.  The counter automatically pauses when you stop and restarts when you move again.

Nike Training Club – Android and iPhone Cost: Free

Sign up to Nike Training Club to get your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned, and strong with more than 100 custom-built workouts. Take your goal further with the all-new NikeFuel and calorie data.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal – Android Cost: Free

With this app, it not only helps you lose weight and workout, but it also has a very large database of foods which it will use to help you keep track of how many calories you consume.  This is a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals.

Runtastic PRO – Android Cost: $4.99

Your personal tracking app for running, biking, and other sports activities! It tracks your workout progress to help you reach training goals.

Sports Tracker by Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd – iphone and Android Cost: Free

A fun app that lets you share your results on Facebook and Twitter, Sports Tracker makes weight loss and fitness goals something to celebrate with family and friends.  It has maps, time and distance calculators and if you go overseas, it has routes you can take to keep on working out.  You can use this one for walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

Water my Body – iPhone Cost: $0.99

With this app, you can track your daily water consumption as it is designed for the user in mind. With the research done by health care professionals, this app it shows you just how critical it is to maximize your water intake.

iFitness – iPhone Cost: $1.99

This app offers more than 230 exercises sorted by regions or muscle groups and also has instructional videos.  You can also add and edit custom exercises of your own.  When you are done with a workout, you can send it to your email to keep track.

Zombies, Run! – Android Cost: $3.99

This is a one that you will never want to see in real life, but if it happened you’d be prepared.  Take your headphones and then start running.  Within 100 yards, you will hear the sounds of zombies on your tail.  What better way to motivate you to keep running than the thought of being run down by zombies?

Cyclemeter – iPhone Cost: $4.99

This app is great for cycling and tracks everything and tells you what you have biked and how many calories you’ve burned.  But it’s not just for bicycling.  You can also use this app for track workouts, runs, and other activities.

This list contains 10 great apps that you can use to become a better and healthier you.  It’s easier now than ever to get in shape.  Go have fun outdoors.  Your body and mind will thank you for taking such great care of them.

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