cooking classes and consultations

Didi is now offering classes as well as individual consultations in various aspects of raw food living. These classes offer a wonderful opportunity to transition to a more healthful, vibrant diet and lifestyle.

No matter what kind of diet you have, we can tailor an individualized program that can bring you more health, in a gentle and effective manner. Whether you want to be 100% raw or just bring more live foods into your life; the benefits will be outstanding. Learning how to prepare delicious, exciting, raw food dishes is truly empowering.

Experience a whole new world of wonderful cuisine as you learn in an open, friendly and supportive atmosphere. A one on one consultation may be the perfect thing to help you take the next step toward your greatest health and aliveness! We can work together to individualize your diet for a week, a month, or a year. You go at a pace that feels most comfortable and workable for you.

My work as a coach is to help you discover the you, you are meant to be. I will guide you and support you as you uncover the amazing person your struggles with food have been concealing. Imagine the energy you’ll have as you let go of the fear that has held you captive and unable to achieve your dreams. I will help you on your journey to living a joyful, abundant, and vibrant life. Feel free to call me for a complementary mini-session to see if it’s the right match for you.

For prices and details, call: 212-505-2232.